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We here at Euro Work supply foreign temporary workers so that your company can continue to work like a well-oiled machine. Our temporary workers are primarily unskilled and ready to work! You can order temporary workers today by filling out our contact form.

At Euro Work you can get foreign workers sent to your company whenever it fits you!







Are you missing a few extra hands for e.g. concrete and soil work? Then you can get a contractor sent out to your business. If you are in need of a helping hand to perform a specific task for you, then the Euro Work temp agency is available.

Warehouse and logistics

Euro Work can help your company with the extra hands you need to take care of the warehouse and logistics-tasks that you need taken care of. We are experts when it comes to foreign temporary work and we know the benefits by getting foreign temps into Danish industrial enterprises.


Our employees here at Euro Work are primarily from Eastern Europe, who will happily work in the horticulture industry as temporary workers. Our temps are ready to give your company a set of extra hands, and thereby handle work that elsewise can be difficult to get Danes to do.


Our employees here at Euro Work are foreign temporary workers who will gladly work in the cleaning industry. The benefits from employing Eastern European workers are that they are used to working fast and efficiently while simultaneously delivering quality work. Many Eastern Europeans also have very high work ethics and few sick days.

Factory Work

Many companies have at some point experienced that while a lot of their production has been automated, they have still been in need of manual labor. The manual labor can be physical hands at an assembly line to assemble products or in some form or another help with packing or stacking products on pallets. Our employees here at Euro Work are primarily from Eastern Europe and they are more than willing to work at your factory.  


Many Danish agricultural enterprises choose to employ Eastern European workforce to do manual labor. This is because agriculture still occupies an incredibly large part of the profession in many Eastern European countries. Thus, many Eastern Europeans have experience and knowledge in agriculture. They also have a strong mentality towards performing well at their work, and their work ethics are high. Our employees are not only cheaper in labor, they are also ready to work in the agricultural field. 

You are getting flexibility and quality all-in-one here at Euro Work

We can help your company to become competitive and adaptable.Has more tasks arrived than planned or have you, as well as many other Danish companies, been hit by a lack of workforce? Then contact us and let us together find a solution that is tailored specifically to your company. We are most certainly sure that foreign temporary workers are the solution to your problem. 

Are you in urgent need of personnel?

At Euro Work we make it so that your company can get the extra set of hands that you are in need of. If there are employees in your company such as being affected by short-term or long-term illness, going on maternity leave, on holiday or just needing extra labor for a period, Euro Work is ready to help. We have foreign temporary workers who are ready to give your company that extra help that you need.
We start when you want – and we end when you want.

In need of personnel?

We at Euro Work have foreign temporary workers who are ready to give your company the extra help that you need. We know how much pressure many companies can be under during peak-season – That is why we have temporary workers who are ready to work for you in your field of work.

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If you are short of labor in some of the areas we offer, or if you want to work, do not hesitate to contact us here or via our contact form.